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Home   /    Investment Casting Services is one-stop-shop to for metal casting prototype services for a wide spectrum of materials like bronze, zinc, aluminium, magnesium that are created by different moulding process. Since a very long time, our investment casting solution has been benefitting clients from different parts of the country. Our professionals have succeeded maintaining quality and fineness for investment casting services, which helps us bringing genuine customers looking for best investment casting services. Here is how a metal casting prototype is designed-

  • Foundation of master model
  • Creation of master molds
  • Use of master mold to create plaster mold
  • Drying of mold
  • Use of plaster mold to pour the metal
  • Cleaning for shipping and machining

We are one of the best and a full-services investment casting companies Singapore. We provide superfluous manufacturing capabilities with top-quality precision casted parts to execute the purposes of customers from a different industry. Our services are readily available to represent the best evidence of exclusiveness and expertise at its investment casting foundries, manufacturing precision parts from all needed metals you want. Apart from Singapore only, our services expertise can be availed in various parts of Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, Australia & China.

We have maintained an enduring relationship with our customers by providing value-added services that make a real investment of their capital. We offer investment casting solution, which makes difference. Our exclusive services improve lead times and enhance quality to lessen our customer’s trouble of hiring the best investment casting service provider in their location.

Customers have rated us higher among all investment casting companies Singapore and made a clear inspection of fairly brilliant casting services for their industries. We are glad to tell you that we have successfully accomplished our customers’ expectorations by offering them top-quality products and on-time deliverance of work. Whether you require industrial mixing propeller or detailed cast statue, our expertise services allow you completing the task more efficiently. Through various crucial aspects such as quality verification, finishing and polishing, machining capabilities and non-destructive testing, our investment casters become able facilitating you the top choice in the market.

Choose us for the best:

If you are looking to hire excellent investment casting services to accomplish manufacturing demands of your industry, go with. Our highly proficient and experienced professionals will let go to the depth of exertion and select the best on a premise of your order. We ensure you providing world-class and highly advanced investment casting solution with reduced some time and cost. Therefore, do not forget to contact us before moving further!

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